Electronic submission of prudential returns via ExtraNet

The Deutsche Bundesbank gives all credit and financial services institutions and authorised computer centres and IT service providers the opportunity of submitting prudential returns electronically.

The Bundesbank ExtraNet is a low-cost, future-proof method of electronically submitting prudential returns based on the latest internet technology.

You can find out more about the technical aspects of the Deutsche Bundesbank’s new e-business platform in the ExtraNet information section. There you can read what you additionally need to know for your prudential returns.

The following prudential returns have been eligible for submission via ExtraNet since December 2002:

  • Large exposures and loans of €1.5 million or more
  • Reports pursuant to COREP and FINREP (for more information, see the section on COREP/FINREP)
  • Reports pursuant to the German Financial Information Regulation (Finanzinformationenverordnung), the  German Liquidity Regulation (Liquiditätsverordnung), HA report (for more information, see the section on reports pursuant to SolvV and LiqV)
  • Data overview reports pursuant to section 68 of the Auditor's Report Regulation
  • Reports on participating interests pursuant to section 24 of the Banking Ac

Returns are submitted by uploading files. The files must comply with the data record format for electronic submission.. Alternatively, data entry portals are available (except for data overview reports and reports on participating interests).

A means of submitting these returns via ExtraNet will be made available to institutions subject to reporting requirements well in advance of the reporting deadlines pursuant to the Financial Information Regulation and the Liquidity Regulation.

For loans of €1.5 million or more, we offer a master data search engine for borrower ID numbers as an additional service.

Application for the electronic submission of prudential returns

An overview of the different methods of electronic submission, the range of services, reporting deadlines and contact persons, along with a description of the data record format in which the Deutsche Bundesbank accepts prudential returns, can be found in the document.