Customer Access Mechanism-IMPay (CAM-IMPay)

General considerations

The Deutsche Bundesbank offers a limited group of other account holders the option of processing recurring cross-border euro credit transfers using its CAM-IMPay facility (IMPay stands for international mass payments). Using this procedure, public administrations and entities operating in private legal form can submit euro-denominated, non-SEPA-compliant retail payments provided the payment in question arises from a public mandate. Payments covered include, in particular, statutory pension and accident insurance payments, supplementary pension and accident benefits, indemnification payments, support payments and child benefit. In special instances, it is also permissible to submit one-off payments.

Submission and delivery of payments

IMPay credit transfers can be submitted and delivered electronically using the following means of communication.

  • EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard) in DTAZV (paperless exchange of data media) format.

Payments are delivered electronically according to the terms of the individual agreement with the Bundesbank's correspondent bank via SWIFTNet File Act or SWIFTNet.

Processing and booking of payments

Account holders can submit credit transfers from Monday to Sunday between 0.00 and 24.00. Payments are processed on all business days between 01.00 and 10.00. Submissions received on non-business days or after 10.00 on a business day are saved until processing begins on the next business day.

Payments are settled and sent to over 100 countries using a network of around 20 Bundesbank correspondent banks. Once the payment orders have been authenticated, the countervalues of the submitted files are debited to the submitter's account, after which the amounts are credited to the relevant correspondent banks (either via a direct account link or TARGET2). Upon receipt of these payments, the correspondent bank then converts the received euro credit transfers into the local currency (where necessary) and forwards this amount either directly to the payee or to the payee's payment service provider. In exceptional cases, the payment can also be sent to the payee in the form of a cheque.

Procedural rules

Further information on the submission and delivery of payments is contained in the Bundesbank's procedural rules for the clearing and settlement of cross-border euro retail payments in CAM-IMPay (Procedural rules for CAM-IMPay).