Role of the Bundesbank in financial and monetary stability

The Bundesbank, as Germany's central bank, has an inherent interest in a stable financial and monetary system. This not only provides a major foundation for sustainable economic growth but is also a precondition for the effective implementation of monetary policy. The Financial Stability Act (Finanzstabilitätsgesetz), which entered into force in 2013, regulates the oversight and safeguarding of financial stability in Germany, forms the legal basis for the German Financial Stability Committee (G-FSC) and gives the Bundesbank crucial tasks in this committee. Moreover, the Bundesbank performs key tasks arising from the German IMF Act as part of discharging the duties and obligations of Germany's membership of the International Monetary Fund, with monetary stability as its objective.

Terms and definitions

Financial stability is a state in which the financial system can perform its key economic functions smoothly at all times, particularly in times of stress and structural upheaval. Monetary stability refers to the economic, monetary and financial stability of the individual countries and the world monetary system as a whole.

Macroprudential surveillance by the G-FSC

The entry into force of the German Financial Stability Act (Finanzstabilitätsgesetz) at the beginning of 2013 gave macroprudential surveillance in Germany a legal basis. The macroprudential forum in Germany is the German Financial Stability Committee (Ausschuss für Finanzstabilität or AFS).

Risk and stability analysis

The ongoing analysis of the financial system measures the potential risk to the German financial system. It identifies systemic risks and specific risk factors in order to detect any unhealthy developments at the earliest possible stage.

Macroprudential tools

Macroprudential tools can usually be distinguished by the legal binding force of intervention that they entail. They can be broken down into "soft" (communication), "medium" (warnings and recommendations) and "hard" (intervention) tools.