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Executive Board

Bundesbank executive board

Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank

04.09.2018 DE FR

The Executive Board governs and manages the Bundesbank. It comprises the President, the Vice-President and at four other members. The members of the Executive Board are appointed by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The President, the Vice-President and one other member are nominated by the Federal Government; the other three members are nominated by the Bundesrat (the upper house of Parliament representing the Federal States) in agreement with the Federal Government.

Composition and responsibilities

Dr Jens Weidmann

President of the Deutsche Bundesbank
Member of the Governing Council of the ECB

  • Communications
  • Legal
  • Economics
  • Research

Prof Claudia M. Buch

Vice-President of the Deutsche Bundesbank
Person accompanying the president at the ECB Governing Council

  • Financial Stability
  • Internal audit
  • Statistics

Dr Johannes Beermann

  • Cash Management
  • Controlling, Accounting and Organisation
  • Administration
  • Premises, Campus
  • Procurement

Prof Joachim Wuermeling

  • Banking and Financial Supervision
  • Information Technology
  • Risk Control

Burkhard Balz

  • Economic Education, University of Applied Sciences and International Central Bank Dialogue
  • Payments and Settlement Systems

Dr Sabine Mauderer

  • Human Resources
  • Markets
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