Zentrale der Deutschen Bundesbank
Research Centre of the Deutsche Bundesbank

The main purpose of research conducted by the Bundesbank is to develop and consolidate academic expertise in the fields of economics, banking and financial stability. It supports the Bundesbank's decision-making process and is a factor behind the central bank's excellent reputation in academic circles and at other policymaking institutions.

The main areas of research in which Bundesbank economists are active at this juncture can be broadly defined as:

  • Monetary stabilisation policy in the post-crisis era
  • Understanding and addressing the impact of heterogeneities in an integrated world
  • The financial system in flux: challenges for banking supervision and financial stability
Research Areas and Programme
Research programme

The research programme offering a thematic overview of ongoing and planned research activities in the areas of monetary policy, financial stability and banking supervision.

Head of Research
Emanuel Mönch

Emanuel Mönch is in charge of the Research Centre since February 2015.

Research Brief
Skyline Frankfurt am Main

Newsletter issued by the Research Centre about recent studies and discussion papers by Bundesbank research economists