Virtual 3D tour of the Money Museum

Three-dimensional tour Virtual 3D tour of the Money Museum

Thanks to our digital presence, you can explore the museum even outside of its opening hours. Start the virtual 3D tour by clicking on the picture.

On the 3D tour you can click your way through all of the Money Museum’s rooms. Users can control their own line of vision and adjust the distance to the exhibits they are viewing by zooming in and out. In addition, each room contains individual highlighted objects or areas that can be clicked on to reveal detailed images of the objects and/or further information.

The Money Museum’s permanent exhibition is divided into four thematic modules:

  • Cash
  • Book money
  • Monetary policy
  • Global money

and these contain five dedicated rooms (cabinets):

  • Money cabinet
  • The language of money
  • Inflation in 1923
  • German central bank
  • European economic and monetary union (EMU)

A 360-degree cinema located in the middle allows you to immerse yourself in the “Worlds of money”.