Triennial Central Bank Survey Statistics on foreign exchange turnover and OTC derivatives transactions (BIS)

The statistics on foreign exchange turnover and OTC derivatives transactions are prepared at three-year intervals with the objective of providing comprehensive and internationally comparable data on the scope and structure of the global foreign exchange markets, thus aiding in a better understanding of the international financial markets. The statistics form part of the Triennial Central Bank Survey conducted worldwide by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). The last survey was conducted for April 2022 and the next one will be for April 2025.

The results for Germany in April 2022 were compiled by the Bundesbank from the data reported by 37 major banks which account for around 95% of these transactions in Germany.

Simultaneously with all participating national central banks, the BIS publishes a statement about the aggregated survey results for all participating countries. In these results, double counting of cross-border transactions is eliminated in order to allow an accurate appraisal of the total volume of international foreign exchange trading and derivatives business.

The results for April 2022 can be accessed via the link / download below.