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Inflation and deflation calculator
Calculator and balances

The inflation and deflation calculator shows how a price or the purchasing power will develop in future based on a certain inflation or deflation rate.

Quiz about the euro banknotes
Euro banknotes

Euro banknotes are legal tender in all euro area countries. In addition, they are among the most popular and trusted banknotes in the world.

Quiz about the Euro coins
Various Euro Coins

Euro coins, with their common “European” side and individual national side, reflect the unity of Europe in its diversity.

Quiz on the Eurosystem's monetary policy
Euro-Zeichen Skulptur

The primary objective of the Eurosystem is to maintain price stability. Who decides on the necessary measures and on what basis and what effects do these measures have? The quiz provides an overview of this.

Quiz on price stability
Hinweisschilder Inflation - Deflation

Inflation, deflation... we often hear these terms associated with monetary policy on the radio, on TV or we read about them. But what do they actually mean? This is just one of many things you will learn about in our quiz.

Quiz The Deutsche Bundesbank
Logo der Deutschen Bundesbank

The Deutsche Bundesbank was established in 1957. Dr Jens Weidmann has been its president since 2011. What is the Bundesbank? What are its tasks? Who works there?