Banking statistics – Extranet

Structure and naming of files

Details of the structure and naming of files in the Deutsche Bundesbank's XML -based reporting system can be found here. Information concerning the (old) EMW-Format please find here.

The file names comprise the operational area, the reporting deadline and a file extension. The operational area is specified using a four-digit [five-digit when technically possible] abbreviation.

AbbreviationOperational area
bist[a], regs[t], baus[p], ausf[i], ausl[t]

monthly balance sheet statistics (domestic banks, regional statistics, building and loan associations, foreign branches, foreign subsidiaries)

vjkr[e], regv[j]

Borrowers statistics and corresponding regional statistics


Foreign status of banks

The format for the reporting deadline is YYMM. The file extension is “.txt”. If there are several files in an operational area, a consecutive number from “.000” to “.999” is assigned instead of “.txt.” . All files can be compressed in zip format and are then given the extension “.zip”.


  • “bist0301.txt” or “bista0301.txt” (Monthly balance sheet statistics report for January 2003)
  • "ausfi0301.001” and “ausfi0301.002” (Reports from different foreign subsidiaries for January 2003)

For the purposes of the "OTC Derivative Statitics" (BIS) and the "Triennial Central Bank Survey" a Excel-format (xls) is expected. A new file format is expected in the new MFI interest rate statistics.

For the purposes of the "Financial Vehiclese Statistics" (FVC-Statistics) data also are allowed to be reported in Excel-format.

Initial registration

If you wish to submit reports via ExtraNet, you first have to register. Upon receipt of your registration application, we will send you information about the required test submission. Following a successful test submission, the date for beginning regular submission via the ExtraNet will be agreed bilaterally. Please note that to log on you will require the identification number for your institution. If you have any questions concerning the identification number, please write to the e-mail address specified for each case.

Registered users

  • Administration of your registration data/secondary registration

Within the user domain, you may view and change your personal registration data. You may also delete your user ID. If you are already registered for another procedure on the Bundesbank ExtraNet, you may log on here for an additional procedure without having to repeat the initial registration process.

Emergency assistance

Even if you do not know the password, this is where you can submit applications to block/unblock a user, reset his/her password or delete the user. The Bundesbank then decides on the application.

In certain circumstances, you may also have your password reset by phone by calling the ExtraNet Call Centre . This may be necessary, for example, if you have forgotten your password or have entered it incorrectly three times in a row. However, you may only reset your password by phone if, following a successful initial registration, you provided a question-answer combination in Administration of your registration data/secondary registration as this then serves as a security check.

Submitting and retrieving reports

Please note:
The file path and file name may not contain special characters (with the exception of the _ (underscore) and/or spaces).