Central Office of the Deutsche Bundesbank
The Bundesbank's role in banking supervision

Banking supervision is one of the Bundesbank's most important tasks. The objectives and responsibilities of the Bundesbank as a central bank and those of banking supervisors frequently overlap or complement each other, particularly in relation to the financial system. European monetary policy can exert its full impact only in a stable financial market.

Cooperation with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority
A woman at the entrance of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority

Banking supervision in Germany is carried out by the Bundesbank in cooperation with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority and the Federal Ministry of Finance as well as external auditors and audit offices of the banking associations.

Cooperation in the Single Supervisory Mechanism
The European Central Bank in Frankfurt am Main

Since 2014, the European Central Bank has been responsible for supervising the particularly significant banks in Germany. Joint teams from the ECB and the national supervisory authorities carry out operational supervision.

The Bundesbank's role in banking supervision: Operational tasks
Three persons working on a project

The Bundesbank is responsible for the ongoing supervision of credit institutions in Germany. Through their on-site inspections, the Bundesbank's supervisors gain a deep insight into institutions' capital and liquidity adequacy.

European Banking Authority (EBA)
A belt with the imprint EBA - European Banking Authority

The European Banking Authority is a fundamentally independent EU authority, although it is accountable to the European Parliament, the EU Council and the European Commission.

Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
Bank for International Settlements in Basel at Aeschenplatz

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision was founded in 1974 and is the global standard-setting body for banking regulation. It comprises high-ranking representatives from national central banks and supervisory authorities.