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Central Office of the Deutsche Bundesbank
Central Office, Regional Offices and branches

The Deutsche Bundesbank was established as the central bank of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1957. The Central Office is located in Frankfurt am Main. There are Regional Offices in nine German cities. They in turn have 35 branches.

Mission statement and Strategy
Graphical presentation of the Bundesbank's vision

The mission statement constitutes a long-term roadmap, forming the foundation of the medium-term Strategy 2020.

Executive Board

The Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank

Bundesbank: An important partner at your side
Regional Office in Baden-Württemberg

Whether supplying cash to the economy, being actively involved in banking supervision or giving talks to the general public under the rubric of economic education, the Bundesbank is on hand as a service provider, supervisor and information provider at approximately 40 locations throughout Germany.

Bundesbank Act

The law was enacted on July 26, 1957 and newly announced in the latest version on October 22, 1992. It regulates the structure, the scope, duties and functions of the Deutsche Bundesbank as central bank. It was last amended on July 4, 2013.

It is not official; the only authentic text is the German one as published in the Federal Law Gazette.

Organisation Chart Central Office
Central Office of the Deutsche Bundesbank
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