Electronic provision of discrepancy documents and fee statements

The CashEDI procedure enables electronic messages regarding deposits and withdrawals to be exchanged between cash business partners and the Bundesbank via the Bundesbank’s ExtraNet. This procedure has now been extended to include the electronic provision of fee statements and discrepancy documents.

The following framework conditions apply to electronic provision.

  • A global location number (GLN) is required for access to the ExtraNet.
  • Files are provided in PDF format. A standard PDF viewer is required to process the documents.
  • Files can be downloaded directly from the browser in the Filetransfer environment of the ExtraNet using the CashEDI specialised procedure or via a software program.
  • The provision of electronic documents is free of charge.

Requirements for receiving electronic documents

If you wish to make use of the option of receiving documents electronically, you can request this for existing customer master records by sending an informal email to the Bundesbank’s “Customer data management and customer information team – cash payments”.

To do this, please send the following data to kundendaten-bargeld@bundesbank.de

  • Your BMS customer number(s) and corresponding GLN(s).
  • State whether you want to receive the documents in your own mailbox or in the mailbox of another CashEDI participant/document recipient. If another CashEDI participant is to receive the documents, please provide their BMS customer number and corresponding GLN.
  • State which documents (fee statements and/or discrepancy documents) are to be provided electronically in each case.

If new customer master records are required to provide documents electronically, please apply for these using the customer data reporting form.

You can already sign up for the new procedure; the documents will be made available electronically for the first time from 10 July 2024.

Please note that the electronic provision of documents is only possible for customer master records with a GLN.

If you are reporting the GLN to us for the first time, please also provide your cash-in-transit (CIT) company with the GLN for the purpose of entering it in lodgement notifications.

Before the procedure is introduced, you will receive an email with the following information:

  • instructions for registering new ExtraNet users or for secondary registration of existing ExtraNet users;
  • instructions for retrieving documents.

Electronic provision on discrepancy documents

The documents created in the Bundesbank’s Cash Management System (BMS) are provided electronically (discrepancy information and information on your account being credited/debited). This is only possible for discrepancies resulting from electronically notified lodgements. It is irrelevant whether these were notified via Filetransfer or WebEDI.

Confirmations of receipt regarding counterfeit money and reimbursement applications are exempt from electronic provision. From July 2024 onwards, other customer documents, such as safe bags, container cards, etc., will only be sent if explicitly requested for a specific process. If necessary, we will transfer any legible notes attached to the packaging when recording discrepancies. These notes can be found in the discrepancy information. 

Your points of contact

If you have any questions relating to your customer master data, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer data management and customer information team – cash payments.

If you have any questions relating to the registration of ExtraNet users and technical processing, please get in touch using the contact details listed under “CashEDI”.