Internal communication at the Bundesbank Online course

Application deadline

13 October 2023


Internal communication involves communication between top management, middle management and employees. An open and transparent channel of communication is essential to make sure that all employees understand the central bank’s mission and to ensure that everyone is aligned with its values. Furthermore, good internal communication is a key driving force behind employee engagement.

This course provides an overview of different approaches used for internal communication at the Bundesbank. It sheds light on the different formats of our internal communication as well as how we evaluate this. Participants will learn how the Bundesbank fosters communication between top management and employees as well as communication within peer groups. In addition, the course will give participants an opportunity to share their experiences and discuss best practices in the field of internal communication.


  • Top-down/bottom-up communication
  • Horizontal communication
  • Internal media (staff magazine; social intranet; electronic newsletter)
  • Board, executive and employee communication
  • Employee attitude survey

Target group

The course is designed for central bank staff with a special interest in internal communication. Candidates are expected to have practical work experience in the area of central bank communication, particularly internal communication within their institutions. Participants should be willing to share their experiences and are expected to actively contribute to the discussion.

Technical requirements

Computer with microphone, camera, speakers or headphones; an up-to-date internet browser.

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