Code list

Key component RealtimeData, Indicator identification (56 codes available)

Code Desription
Business sector
Agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing
Production sector excluding construction
Production sector including construction
manufacturing, mining and quarrying
Main construction industry
Finishing trades
Trade, transport, accommodation and food services
Financial, real estate, renting and business services
Information and communication
Financial and insurance services
Public and private services
Real estate activities
Business services
Public services, education, health
Other services
Manufacturing sector
Intermediate goods
Capital goods
Consumer goods
Durable consumer goods
Non-durable consumer goods
Main construction industry - structural engineering
Main construction industry - civil engineering
Main construction industry - residential construction
Main construction industry - industrial clients
Main construction industry - public sector construction and road construction
Retail trade (excluding retail trade of motor vehicles and excluding petrol stations)
Retail including sales and repairs of motor vehicles and motorcycles
Sales and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
Private sector (total economy excluding government)
Private households including non-profit institutions serving households
Private households excluding non-profit institutions serving households
General government
Overall economy (domestic concept)
Overall economy (residents)
All categories
Total, excluding energy
Total, excluding energy and food products
Total, excluding energy and unprocessed food
Food products
Other durable and non-durable goods excluding food and energy
Services excluding housing rents
Housing rents including ancillary costs
Housing rents (not including ancillary costs)
Industrial goods excluding energy
All products
Industrial products
Industrial products excluding energy
Construction price index
Farm products