Björn Imbierowicz

Research Interests

  • Banking
  • Corporate Finance
  • Empirical Finance
  • Financial Intermediation
  • Risk Management

Refereed Publications

  • Acharya, V.V., B. Imbierowicz, S. Steffen and D. Teichmann (2020), Does the lack of financial stability impair the transmission of monetary policy?, Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming.
  • Imbierowicz, B., A. Löffler and U. Vogel (2020), The transmission of bank capital requirements and monetary policy to bank lending in Germany, Review of International Economics, forthcoming.
  • Imbierowicz, B., J. Kragh and J. Rangvid  (2018), Time-varying capital requirements and disclosure rules: Effects on capitalization and lending decisions, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Vol. 50(4), 573-602.
  • Freudenberg, F., B. Imbierowicz, A. Saunders and S. Steffen (2017), Covenant Violations and Dynamic Loan Contracting, Journal of Corporate Finance, Vol. 45, pp. 540-565.
  • Berger, A.N., B. Imbierowicz and C. Rauch (2016), The Roles of Corporate Governance in Bank Failures During the Recent Financial Crisis, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Vol. 48(4), pp. 729-770.
  • Imbierowicz, B. and C. Rauch (2014), The Relationship between Liquidity Risk and Credit Risk in Banks, Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol. 40, pp. 242-256.
  • Imbierowicz, B. and M. Wahrenburg (2013), Wealth Transfer Effects between Stockholders and Bondholders, The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Vol. 53, pp. 23-43.

Working Papers

  • Berger, A.N., C.H.S. Bouwman, B. Imbierowicz and C. Rauch (2020), How are banks special? – Let me count the ways.
  • Imbierowicz, B., C. Rauch (2020), The Pricing of Private Assets: Mutual Fund Investments in ‘Unicorn’ Companies.
  • Friedmann, D., B. Imbierowicz, A. Saunders and S. Steffen (2018), Are risky banks rationed by corporate depositors?
  • Imbierowicz, B. and D. Streitz (2017), Financial Debt Contracting and Managerial Agency – Evidence from a Natural Experiment.