Zentrale der Deutschen Bundesbank ©Nils Thies


The Bundesbank is renovating its Central Office on Wilhelm-Epstein-Strasse in Frankfurt am Main.

Architecturally, the striking main building is in the tradition of post-war modernism and for many it is an important symbol of Frankfurt as a major financial hub. After almost 50 years in use, the building no longer meets today’s requirements, such as with regard to energy efficiency, sustainability and digitalisation. The Bundesbank’s Executive Board therefore decided that the building should be fully renovated. 

The Bundesbank’s staff have moved to temporary office space. The Bundesbank’s Central Office in Frankfurt is therefore currently located at Mainzer Landstrasse 46 in Frankfurt’s city centre. The postal address at Wilhelm-Epstein-Strasse remains the same. The Money Museum also remains open to visitors. 

Construction work on the site is progressing. The removal of hazardous materials and gutting of the main building’s interior have been under way since April 2022. The transport of these materials is strictly regulated. Once removed, the materials are double-packed and transported to the basement via a lift, then transferred into designated containers, loaded onto trucks and taken to a proper disposal facility. The dismantling of structural components and the renovation of facades and concrete is scheduled to start in 2025.

In May 2022, the main building was placed under protection as a historical monument. This also covers floors 12 and 13. Plans to carefully dismantle and appropriately store the high-end listed interior are currently being made.