Monetary policy implementation –importance of market intelligence Expert panel

Application deadline

10 March 2023


Market intelligence (MI) refers to the information, qualitative and quantitative in nature, gathered by central banks through direct interaction and dialogue with market participants or other sources. The course focuses on MI activities carried out by various central banks. It will highlight the importance of this work and demonstrate that a number of different tools or models can be used for the collection of MI. The course will also touch on synthesis and dissemination of MI. The expert panel will serve as a platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge, with participants asked to actively contribute.


  • Importance of the observation, interpretation and reporting of actual market events or capital market movements in the context of monetary policy
  • Definition of key areas or financial market segments
  • Understanding of linkages between different financial market segments and/or different modes of regulation – case study
  • Qualitative versus quantitative analysis tools (importance of different data or other sources of information)
  • Importance of market contacts, networks and regular meetings

Target group

The expert panel is targeted at mid-level and senior-level central bankers who are directly involved in monetary policy implementation or research, with a minimum of five years of experience in this field. Participants should have extensive knowledge and a sound understanding of monetary policy implementation, operational frameworks and research. They will be expected to contribute actively to the panel by presenting the work or viewpoint of their central bank on this topic.

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