Seminar participants ©Berd Bostelmann

Our courses in 2024 “Central bank knowledge: Learn – Improve – Develop” CIC Newsletter – December 2023

We are pleased to announce the programme for our international central banking courses in 2024. Our courses aim to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience with other central banks and thus to contribute to promoting economic and financial stability. This year, too, we are offering a wide range of topics and have committed trainers on board to share their expertise with colleagues from other central banks and monetary authorities. Our courses are intended for experienced experts as well as new recruits in their field, and offer valuable opportunities for learning, networking and professional development. Particularly in view of the current geopolitical challenges, a close cooperation among central banks is important.

There are a total of 44 courses on offer; of these, 27 are on-site seminars and 17 are online. We are presenting a new format, a series of online lectures on cross-departmental topics such as climate change and the digital euro held by colleagues from various departments of the Bundesbank. 

As before, our programme covers all of the Bundesbank’s core business areas: cash management, financial and monetary systems, monetary policy, banking supervision and payment systems. 

In addition to a number of annually recurring topics, we are offering several new courses and subjects that did not feature in last year’s programme.

These include the following courses:

  • New methods in banking supervision
  • Introduction to Python and basics of data analysis for central bankers
  • Introduction to cash management (Munich)
  • Developing financial markets
  • Money museum

All central bank colleagues from our partner countries are welcome to register for our courses. The number of participants is restricted to ensure optimal networking opportunities and a lively exchange of ideas, opinions and views. Detailed information about all of our courses is published on our website. Should you be interested, registration is open now. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or suggestions.