Karmela Holtgreve ©Oliver Rüther

Karmela Holtgreve Director General Strategy and Innovation

Born in 1984 in Split, Croatia

Degree in political science at Goethe University Frankfurt and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid with a focus on international relations and European politics

2009 – 2010
Trainee at Dow Jones News

2010 – 2011
Analyst at Hering Schuppener Consulting (now: Finsbury Glover Hering)

2012 – 2015
Deputy Head of Section, Internal Communication at Deutsche Bundesbank, Directorate General Communications

Principal Communications Officer at European Central Bank, Directorate General Communications

2017- 2018
Management team, German G20 Presidency at Deutsche Bundesbank

Head of Strategic Office for Digitalisation and Head of Division Digital Transformation and Innovation

seit April 2023
Director General Strategy and Innovation