Mission statement and Strategy

Unlike the earlier strategic cycles, Strategy 2020 was preceded, for the first time, by a dedicated mission statement. Together with the Eurosystem’s mission statement, it forms the long-term roadmap for the Bundesbank.

The Bundesbank's mission statement
Graphical presentation of the Bundesbank's vision

The Bundesbank adopted a dedicated mission statement for the first time in 2016. It augments the common mission statement of the Eurosystem, to which the Bundesbank belongs as one of 19 national central banks.

Strategy 2020
Graphical presentation for the strategy 2020 about the four objectives for the Bank as a whole

Strategy 2020 is a medium-term strategic orientation that was adopted by the Executive Board of the Bundesbank in 2016. Management staff from all quarters of the Bank were involved in developing Strategy 2020, which meant that the process was conducted transparently and openly and resulted in a strategy that enjoys broad support.

Environmental guideline
Tree roots

The business operations of institutions such as the Deutsche Bundesbank inevitably have an environmental impact. The Bundesbank is aware of its responsibility to minimise this impact and to make an active, sustainable contribution to protecting the environment and preventing climate change.