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NExt and/or ExtraNet?

NExt stands for “New conception ExtraNet”. It will gradually replace ExtraNet in its current form. All relevant functions that are currently available in ExtraNet will also be available in NExt. In addition, new features will be added to complement or generally extend the current scope of functionality. The individual services to be provided in NExt are being developed in small, iterative steps. NExt will therefore launch as a minimum viable product (MVP, basic release) and then be expanded over time.

The Bundesbank’s individual business units will gradually migrate from ExtraNet to NExt. Both systems will thus operate in parallel for a certain period of time.

Further information on the release schedule will be published as soon as it is available. Customers affected by the changeover will be informed separately in advance.

What is NExt?

NExt is designed to provide users with a modern and intuitive portal encompassing all services and features covered by the scope of functionality. This means that users will have to spend less time searching for the features they need and will be able to easily find all of their key functions in a user-friendly and customisable format. In addition, when using the portal, users will see only the information and functions that are appropriate to their user rights and permissions. Each user can then individually select the features most relevant to them and personalise their NExt portal.

NExt vs. ExtraNet?

Self-services and user managers for user administrationPaper-based processes or involvement of Bundesbank required, unnecessary waiting times in some cases due to use of different formats
Central access point: users have all the information they need in a single portalIndividual components can only be accessed separately via dedicated URLs
Convenient, accessible user interfacesIndividual applications
Modern and secure authentication proceduresLogin only possible with user name and password
Easy and secure communication via a dialog function directly in the portalCommunication often only possible via email
Modern and standardised interfaces (APIs) used for automated exchange – notes for a developer portal to be added laterNon-standardised interfaces

Scope of functionality

NExt offers a variety of basic services that are needed by a wide range of users, thus achieving the objectives of the NExt project. At the same time, these basic services are oriented towards standardisation. External customers benefit from this because it provides them with a single, uniform method of accessing comparable services in different areas of work that feature standardised content and functionalities. The Bundesbank follows the principle of “one face to the customer”, i.e. the design is consistent and standardised regardless of whether users connect via an API or make use of the GUI.

The following provides an overview of the basic services offered by NExt and whether these will be available immediately upon release of the MVP.


NExt makes use of new terminology. Definitions and explanations of these terms are provided below:

Authorization concept NExt

Frequently asked questions – FAQ


Are you a current user of ExtraNet and want to see what NExt has to offer?

We regularly host testing sessions where we present and explain new features. Are you interested in taking part? If so, please contact us via the contact form (under Contact) and we will send you information about testing.