Reports pursuant to the German Solvency Regulation and the German Liquidity Regulation from 2007 onwards

On 1 January 2007, the Solvency Regulation (Solvabilitätsverordnung) and the Liquidity Regulation (Liquiditätsverordnung) both entered into force, superseding Principles I and II. This site is intended to give credit institutions and financial services institutions required to submit reports an overview of the material and technical requirements. We recommend that you visit this site regularly as we are constantly adding to the information offered on these pages.

Information on electronic submission

Pursuant to section 6 (2) of the Solvency Regulation and section 11 (3) of the Liquidity Regulation, reports submitted after 1 January 2007 must be in paperless form. The Deutsche Bundesbank accepts electronically submitted reports only via the Bundesbank ExtraNet. You may use not only the already familiar XML format (for solvency and liquidity reports) but may also submit reports in XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language) format (solvency reports only).

Data entry portal for solvency reports, liquidity reports and monthly returns

In addition, the Bundesbank offers the option of initial data entry via the Bundesbank ExtraNet. You may register to use this function here. Should you already be authorised to use ExtraNet for another specialised procedure or another function, you may apply for follow-up registration.

If, owing to the use of other ExtraNet procedures, no declaration of submission (in German only) has yet been provided for the prudential supervisory reporting procedure, please submit this declaration along with your initial registration application to use ExtraNet.

XML submission (solvency and liquidity reports)

No changes will be made to the current XML record structure in the context of the Solvency Regulation or the Liquidity Regulation. Its structure is thus identical to the previously published schema for submitting Principle I and Principle II reports or monthly returns. Only the names of the forms and the item headings have changed. Please use the new form names and item numbers of the solvency and liquidity reporting forms in the XML reporting file.

XBRL submission (solvency reports only)

The XBRL taxonomies for displaying the national solvency reporting forms can be obtained from the Formats section of our website. To find out more about XBRL, please visit the website of XBRL Europe. Follow the link to find out more about the implementation of the Common Reporting Procedure with regard to XBRL.

At present, the following national solvency reporting forms cannot be displayed using the current XML schema and must therefore be submitted in XBRL:

  • E VERSO and Q VERSO (specific information on securitisation positions), to be reported starting with the December 2007 reporting period (pursuant to section 6 (1) of the Solvency Regulation)
  • Q ZU (contribution to group solvency), to be reported starting with the March 2007 reporting period (pursuant to section 6 (1) of the Solvency Regulation)

The reason for this is that these forms do not have a predefined form structure but can vary in length.

Interpreting the Solvency Regulation

A collection of interpretations (in German only) with regard to the Solvency Regulation can be found on BaFin’s website.