Cologne branch

Cologne branch

Payment transaction details

SORT CODE: 37000000
PAN: 20370

Important note

The branch will open again for private customers from 31 May 2021.

It is still mandatory to make an appointment in advance of your visit. You will find the relevant options for making appointments in the section „Appointments”.

Please inform yourself before your appointment about the access conditions listed below.

Requirements for access

Access to the building is only possible with worn medical mouth-nose covering (OP mask or FFP 2 mask).

Record of personal data for contact tracing

Due to the current regulations, we are obliged to record, process and, where necessary, pass on personal data from all private customers for contact tracing in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The personal data named in the regulation will be recorded and processed at the branch. Once the purpose of processing ceases to apply, these data are deleted.


Registration for exchange

Booking of appointments is still mandatory. Please use the options listed below. Registration for exchange:

Expected issue dates for €20 collector and €5 and €10 polymer coins

20 euro collector coins 2021
The issue of the mint condition 20 euro collector coins “Grimm's fairy tales: Mother Hulda“, “50 years Show with the Mouse”, "100th birthday Sophie Scholl", 200th birthday Sebastian Kneipp” (initially planned for 20th May) and “2020 European Football Championship” is expected to take place from 10th June 2021, if the pandemic conditions permit.

It is also necessary to book appointments in advance for the issuance of collectors' coins. For this purpose please use the option listed below. 

Registration for the issuance of collectors' coins

Collector coins are issued while stocks last.

€10 collectors’ coin “On the water”
The issue of the mint condition 5 and 10 euro collector coins “Climate Zones - Polar climate zone” and “Moved by air - Waterborne” is expected to take place from 9th September 2021.

The collector quality coins with a proof-like finish will be distributed by “Münze Deutschland” to their customers as usually.