Dortmund branch

Dortmund branch currently closed for private customers

Payment transaction details

SORT CODE: 44000000
PAN: 20440

The branch is currently closed for private customers until further notice.

Please contact the branches in Bochum, Bielefeld, Düsseldorf and Cologne to process private customer transactions.

Please note that you have to make an appointment by telephone at the branches in Bochum, Düsseldorf and Cologne to handle private customer transactions.

The corresponding service numbers are:

Bochum branch: 0234 3076-236

Düsseldorf branch: 0211 874-3243

Cologne branch: 0221 3703-333

It is not necessary to make an appointment at the Bielefeld branch.

Additional information about the nearest branches of the Deutsche Bundesbank that are open can be found here: