Dr Christian Hirsch

Working Fields

  • International Network of Exchanging Experiences on Statistical Handling of Granular Data (INEXDA)
  • Data Access
  • Metadata Structure
  • Microdata on Securities

Refereed Publications

  • Bannier, C. and C. Hirsch (2010), The economic function of credit rating agencies – What does the watchlist tell us? Journal of Banking and Finance, 34(12), pp. 3037-3049.
  • Acharya,V. V.,  Eisert, T., Eufinger, C. and C. Hirsch (2018), Real Effects of the European Sovereign Debt Crisis: Evidence from Syndicated Loans. Review of Financial Studies, Volume 31(8), pp. 2855–2896.
  • Acharya,V. V.,  Eisert, T., Eufinger, C. and C. Hirsch (2018), Same Story, Different Place? Post-Crisis Recapitalization of Banks in Japan and Europe, In: Finance and Investment: The European Case, edited by C. Mayer, S. Micossi, M. Onado, M. Pagano, and A. Polo. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Acharya,V. V.,  Eisert, T., Eufinger, C. and C. Hirsch (2019), Whatever it takes: The Real Effects of Unconventional Monetary Policy. Review of Financial Studies Volume 32(9), pp. 3366–3411.
  • Bender, S. and members of the INEXDA network (2019), INEXDA – The granular data network. IFC Bulletin 49, Chapter 6.
  • Bender, S., B. Hausstein, and C. Hirsch (2019), An introduction to INEXDA’s metadata schema. IFC Bulletin 49, Chapter 6. 
  • Bender, S., Doll, H. C., and C. Hirsch (2020), Where’s Waldo? Cenceptual Issues when Characterizing Data in Empirical Reserach. In: Rich Search and Discovery for Research Datasets, edited by J. i. Lane, I. Mulvany, and P. Nathan. Sage Publishing London.