Dr Dominik Boddin

Working Fields

  • Microdata on Non-financial Corporations (NFC)
  • Microdata on Trade in Services
  • Relationship Networks

Research Interests: Firm-level Data, Microeconometrics, International Trade, Labor Economics, Regional Economics

Refereed Publications

  • Boddin, D., H.Raff and N. Trofimenko (2017) “Foreign Ownership and the Export and Import Propensities of Developing-Country Firms”, The World Economy, 2017, 40(12), 2543-2536
  • Berner, E., L. Birg and D. Boddin (2017) “Retailers and Consumers. The Pass-through of Import Price Changes”, The World Economy, 2017, 40(7), 1314-1344

Other Working Paper and Publications

  • Boddin, D. “The Role of newly Industrialized Economies in Global Value Chains”, IMF Working Paper No. 16/207
  • Boddin, D., P.Henze “International Trade and the Occupational Mix in Manufacturing: Evidence from German Micro Data”, Economics Working Papers 2015-05, Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel (mit Philipp Henze, Universität Kiel)
  • Boddin, D. “Imports, Exports and Domestic Innovation”
  • Boddin, D., F.Stähler “The Organization of International Trade”, CESifo Working Paper No. 7378
  • Boddin, D., A. Peri, L. Pham-Dao “Still not over the Wall: Evolution of the German CEO Market after Fall of the Berlin Wall”
  • Boddin, D., T.Kroeger “Structural Change Revisited: Servitization in Germany”
  • Boddin, D., T.Kroeger “Servitization, Wages, and Inequality”