Dr Susanne Walter

Working Fields

  • Microdata on Non-Financial Corporations
  • Data Linkage
  • Research Interests: Innovation Economics, Network Analysis, Regional Economics, Policy Evaluation

Refereed Publications

  • Hinzmann, S., Cantner, U., Graf, H. (2019), The role of geographical proximity for project performance: evidence from the German Leading-Edge Cluster Competition, Vol. 44 (6), No. 5, Journal of Technology Transfer, pp. 1744-1783.

Working Papers

  • Hinzmann, S., Does public support foster Interdisciplinarity and innovative outcome? Evidence from publication data.

Other Publications

  • Cantner U., S. Hinzmann, Kann Clusterförderung Innovationen fördern?, in: Weingarten J. (Hrsg.), Infrastruktur für Wissen und Wirtschaft, Idar-Oberstein: Hilden GmbH&Co KG, 2012, 86-94
  • Cantner U., H. Graf, S. Hinzmann, Policy induced innovation networks: The case of the German “Leading-Edge Cluster Competition”, in: Scherngell T. (ed), The Geography of Networks and R&D Collaborations, Springer. Cham et al., 2013, S. 335-353
  • Rothgang, M., Cantner, U., Dehio, J., Engel, D., Fertig, M., Graf, H., Hinzmann, S., Linshalm, E., Ploder, M., Scholz, A.-M. and Töpfer, S. (2014), Begleitende Evaluierung des Förderinstruments “Spitzencluster-Wettbewerb” des BMBF - Abschlussbericht, RWI Materialien RWI.
  • Cantner, U., Hinzmann, S., Wolf, T., The coevolution of innovative ties, technological proximity and competencies – Towards a Dynamic Approach of Innovation Network, in: Glückler, J., Lazega, E., Hammer, I. (eds), Topographies and Topologies of Knowledge, Springer: Heidelberg, 2017, S. 337-372