Secure on-site access Workstations for guest researchers

Access to the microdata provided by the RDSC is generally via workstations for guest researchers in a secure environment at one of the RDSC’s locations. This form of access is necessary in order to meet the statutory provisions concerned with safeguarding the confidentiality of statistical reports and, at the same time, to enable access to individual data for independent academic research purposes.

Further information can be found in the documents “Rules for visiting researchers at the RDSC” and the “Information sheet for visiting researchers” in the Downloads section on this page.

Necessary steps for your first research visit

  1. Arranging an appointment (at least 14 working days in advance). This appointment must take place in Frankfurt am Main.
  2. Collecting and activating your temporary ID card. You will need this to be able to work on the RDSC’s computers.
  3. Agreeing to maintain confidentiality (briefing by a member of RDSC staff).
  4. Activating your Notes account. Internal correspondence with the RDSC (welcome email containing important information).
  5. Induction on using a (stand-alone) PC with internet access.

Requirements for each subsequent visit

  1. An appointment (arranged at least 5 working days in advance);
  2. a contract which is still valid;
  3. a temporary ID card which is still valid.