Christina Gerberding

Research Interests

  • Role of money in monetary policy
  • Interest rate rules
  • Role of inflation expectations in monetary policy
  • Survey data on inflation expectations

Refereed Publications

  • Beyer, A., V. Gaspar, C. Gerberding and O. Issing (2013), Opting Out of the Great Inflation: German Monetary Policy after the Break Down of Bretton Woods. In M. D. Bordo and A. Orphanides (eds), The Great Inflation, University of Chicago Press, Chicago, forthcoming.
  • Gerberding, C., F. Seitz and A. Worms (2013), Interest rate rules and money, Kredit und Kapital, forthcoming.
  • Gerberding, C., R. Gerke and F. Hammermann (2012), Price-level targeting when there is price-level drift, Journal of Macroeconomics, Vol. 34(3), 757-768.
  • Scharnagl, M., C. Gerberding and F. Seitz (2010), Should Monetary Policy Respond to Money Growth? New Results for the Euro Area, International Finance, Vol. 13(3), 409-441.
  • Gerberding, C., F. Seitz and A. Worms (2005), How the Bundesbank really conducted monetary policy, North American Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol. 16(3), 277-292.

Other Working Papers and Publications

  • Gerberding, C. (2010), Household versus expert forecasts of inflation: New evidence from European survey data. In P. Sinclair (ed), Inflation Expectations, Routledge, 118-139.
  • Gerberding, C., M. Kaatz, F. Seitz and A. Worms (2005), A real-time data set for German macroeconomic variables, Schmollers Jahrbuch, 125(2), 337-346.
  • Seitz, F., C. Gerberding and A. Worms (2005), Monetary policy and real-time data: The case of Europe, Asia and the US. In P. J. J. Welfens (ed), Integration in Asia and Europe, Springer, Berlin, 165-182.

Discussion Papers