Daniel Foos

Research Interests

  • Accounting and Regulation of Financial Intermediaries
  • Cyclicality of Bank Behaviour
  • Risk Management of Banks (Interest Rate Risk, Liquidity Risk)

Refereed Publications

  • Dombret, A., D. Foos, K. Pliszka and A. Schulz (2019), What are the real effects of financial market liquidity? Evidence on bank lending from the euro area, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money, Vol. 62, pp. 152-183.
  • von Beschwitz, B. and D. Foos (2018), Banks' Equity Stakes and Lending: Evidence from a Tax Reform, Journal of Banking & Finance, Vol. 96, pp. 323-343.
  • Behr, P., D. Foos and L. Norden (2017), Cyclicality of SME lending and government involvement in banks, Journal of Banking & Finance, Vol. 77, pp. 64-77.
  • Foos, D., L. Norden and M. Weber (2010), Loan growth and riskiness of banks, Journal of Banking & Finance, Vol. 34(12), pp. 2929-2940.

Other Working Papers and Publications

  • von Beschwitz, Bastian and D. Foos (2016), Banks' Equity Stakes and Lending: Evidence from a Tax Reform. International Finance Discussion Papers 1183, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.


  • 2016: Portsmouth-Fordham conference on Banking & Finance
  • 2015: EBA Research Workshop, London; Institut für Kreditwesen Banken-Workshop, Münster; DGF Conference, Leipzig; GdRE Conference, Nice; FIRS Conference, Reykjavik
  • 2014: Workshop on "The interplay of accounting and financial regulation and its impact on bank behaviour", Eltville
  • 2013: Institut für Kreditwesen Banken-Workshop, Münster
  • 2012: EFMA Conference, Barcelona; Conference "Improving financial institutions: The proper balance between regulation and governance", Helsinki; SGF Conference, Zurich
  • 2011: Research Seminar LMU Munich