Florian Kajuth

Research Interests

  • Empirical macroeconomics
  • Unobserved components models
  • Inflation and unemployment
  • Natural rate of unemployment and potential output
  • Housing and the macroeconomy
  • Residential property prices

Refereed Publications

  • Kajuth, F. (2018), A benchmark for wage growth through the lens of the Beveridge curve, Applied Economics Letters. Vol. 25(7), pp. 487-492.
  • Kajuth, F., T. A. Knetsch and N. Pinkwart (2016), Assessing house prices in Germany: Evidence from a regional panel dataset. Journal of European Real Estate Research Vol. 9(3), 286-307.
  • Kajuth, F. (2016), NAIRU estimates for Germany: New evidence on the inflation-unemployment tradeoff, German Economic Review, Vol. 17(1), 104-125.
  • Kajuth, F. (2012), Identifying the Phillips curve through shifts in volatility, Journal of Macroeconomics, Vol. 34, 975-991.
  • Kajuth, F. and S. Watzka (2011), Inflation expectations from index-linked bonds: Correcting for liquidity and inflation risk premia, The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Vol. 51(3), 225-235.
  • Kajuth, F. (2010), The role of liquidity constraints in the response of monetary policy to house prices, Journal of Financial Stability, Vol. 6(4), 230-242.

Discussion Papers