Banks trust other banks Information about Bundes-Bank. In easy-to-read format.

Different bank buildings with cash transport vehicles outside

You want to take money out of the bank.


Cash machine

You take your card to the cash machine.


Putting the bank card in the slot

You put your card in the slot.


Entering the PIN number

Then you type in your PIN number.


Money coming out of the cash machine

The money comes out of the machine.


The circulation system between the banks

Your bank might have borrowed this money from another bank. Banks lend each other money. Interbank market is another name for this exchange of money from one bank to another.

As long as banks lend money to each other, the interbank market works well.
The difficult word for this is financial stability.


Flow of money is interrupted – red cross between the affected bank and the other banks

If a bank has made mistakes, it might not be able to lend other banks any money.
Because it does not have any money of its own.

The flow of money is interrupted – red crosses everywhere between the banks

The other banks notice this.

They no longer trust each other and stop lending each other money.

Money stops moving between the banks.


Inspectors going to the bank

This is why the Bundesbank checks whether the banks have enough money.

This is what the Bundesbank does:
Inspectors from the Bundesbank go into the banks.


Inspectors inspecting documents

The inspectors check the bank’s records.

The difficult name for these documents is balance sheet.


Inspectors see mistakes in documents

The inspectors from the Bundesbank notice if people in the bank have made mistakes and the bank does not have enough money of its own.


The affected bank is temporarily closed

Then the Bundesbank might close the bank.


The affected bank is taken out of the circulation system

The banks trust the Bundesbank to close any banks that have made mistakes.


The affected bank is taken out of the circulation system

Then the banks trust each other again. They lend each other money.

There is financial stability.


People sitting at a conference table

The Bundesbank does not work alone to make sure that the banks trust each other.

It works with lots of other people in lots of other countries.

The Bundesbank works in the Basel Committee at the BIS. BIS is the short name for Bank for International Settlements.

The Bundesbank works together with the ESRB.

This is the short name for European Systemic Risk Board.
The Bundesbank works in the Financial Stability Board.

Illustrations: © Reinhild Kassing