What is on the Bundesbank's website? Information about the Bundesbank. In easy-to-read format.

Bank building with Bundesbank sign ©Reinhild Kassing

The address of the Bundesbank's website is www.bundesbank.de.

The Bundesbank's editorial team writes this area of the website.

The Bundesbank's editorial team is responsible for everything on the website.

News from the Bundesbank

You can find news from the Bundesbank on the Bundesbank's website (www.bundesbank.de).

This could be speeches given by Bundesbank managers. Or talks that they have had with newspapers.

The Bundesbank managers are Burkhard Balz, Sabine Mauderer, Jens Weidmann, Claudia Buch, Johannes Beerman und Joachim Wuermeling.

The difficult word for all Bundesbank managers together is Executive Board.

Information and topics

You can also find other information and topics on the Bundesbank's website.
One topic is SEPA, for example. SEPA is the name of the new payments area in Europe.

If you want to find information on a topic, you can enter the topic in the search field. The search field is at the top right of all Bundesbank website pages. You can enter the word SEPA, for example, in the search field. You will then see a list of all information about SEPA: speeches, interviews and texts.

Under the texts and to the right of them, there is often additional information on this topic. A film, for example. Or another text.

The Bundesbank also writes information brochures and leaflets. You can download most of them from the website.

Information in easy language

You can also find information about the key tasks of the Bundesbank in easy language. For example, information about coins and banknotes. And rules for banks.

The Bundesbank also uses the Twitter messaging service to publish its news. You can access Twitter from the
Bundesbank's website.

How to contact the Bundesbank

Have you got a question for the Bundesbank? Maybe on money, SEPA, Europe or banks?

Then you can call us or send us a message.

Click here 
to send us a message.

Our telephone number is:
+49 (0) 69 9566 3512.
You can reach us from Monday to Friday
between 8.00 and 18.00.

Illustrations: © Reinhild Kassing