Conditions for the general use of the website

1. Social media presence

The Deutsche Bundesbank maintains no other personal accounts or profiles on these websites. The comments made on these platforms solely express the views of the respective users, and do not reflect those of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

2. Disclaimer

The Deutsche Bundesbank publishes a wide range of information on its website, which is not intended for initiating or concluding contracts but exclusively for informative purposes. This also applies to existing business partners of the Bundesbank. The Bundesbank carefully reviews the information on its website and takes efforts to update this regularly. The Bundesbank accepts no liability for the completeness, accuracy and absolute up-to-dateness of the information it posts, to the extent that the incompleteness, inaccuracy or lack of up-to-dateness of this information do not represent an act of wilful intent or gross negligence on the part of the Bundesbank or its employees. To this end, please be sure to verify the accuracy of the information presented here, particularly if it serves as a basis for transactions.

The Bundesbank shall be liable for the violation of other obligations only in the event of intent or gross negligence. The exclusion or limitation of liability specified above shall not apply to liability for losses resulting from injury to life, body or health; in such cases the Bundesbank shall be liable in accordance with the statutory provisions.

3. Running the website

The Deutsche Bundesbank is permitted to modify its website at its own discretion at any time without prior notice and/or cease its operation.

4. Using the content of this website

4.1. Using the general content of this website

Unless otherwise stated, the user rights for the content of this website lie with the Deutsche Bundesbank. The rules stated under 4.2 apply to images (photographs, photographic works, charts) and videos.

You are free to save, forward or reproduce the information produced in physical or electronic form by the Deutsche Bundesbank for your personal or professional use. This information must not be altered or distorted in any way.

Any of the uses listed above forwarding and reproduction of information produced by the Deutsche Bundesbank must cite the following: “Source: Deutsche Bundesbank”.

4.2. Using images and videos

Please note that the Deutsche Bundesbank itself does not possess the requisite user rights to transfer all the images found on its website (photographs, charts) to third parties. Therefore, as a matter of policy, the download, republication, retransmission, reproduction, or any other use of all images and videos on the Bundesbank’s website as an independent file without the consent of the copyright owners is prohibited. Non-compliance may give rise to compensation rights.

For information on who owns the rights to images and videos where this is not explicitly stated, please contact the Media and public relations Division. The relevant contact details can be found on this page.

Under the conditions listed below, however, you are permitted to use images marked “Source: Deutsche Bundesbank”, which are explicitly offered for download via a download link. These can be found in the following areas:

These images and videos may only be used for editorial, educational or private purposes, and must include the credit “Source: Deutsche Bundesbank” as well as the name of the photographer (if known). Any further use for commercial purposes, in particular for advertising, is not permitted.

Any editing, restructuring or distortion of digital images or videos beyond colour correction, use of clips and size reductions is prohibited and expressly requires the Bundesbank’s prior written consent. In the same manner, digital images and videos or video clips may not be reproduced in a context which permits their meaning to be misconstrued.

4.3 Using other authors’ publications

Alongside information it has produced itself, the Deutsche Bundesbank also features some publications by other copyright owners on its website, such as publications by the European Central Bank in German. With such publications, irrespective of the above disclaimer, the rules governing the disclaimer and the copyright – under German law or other applicable laws – of the respective owners shall be observed, and any related queries are also to be addressed to these owners. The disclaimer and copyright notice of the ECB can be found on the ECB’s website in German and English. In case of doubt, please consult the adjacent contact person.

Where the Deutsche Bundesbank provides translations, prepared either by itself or in cooperation with other parties, of documents for which the copyright belongs to third parties, the original language version shall be binding and regarded as the authoritative version.

5. Linking to third-party content

Proprietary content on the Bundesbank’s website is to be distinguished from links to content made available by other providers. By using such links, the Bundesbank merely enables access to third-party content, which is marked “external” accordingly. When creating the links in the first place, the Deutsche Bundesbank’s editorial team reviews the trustworthiness and reliability of third-party content to the best of its ability, and establishes whether this content could constitute a possible liability subject to civil or criminal law.

However, the possibility of this content being subsequently amended by its respective providers cannot be ruled out. The Deutsche Bundesbank does not continuously review the content of the links on its website for changes which could substantiate a liability. Should you have reason to believe that the external linked sites violate existing laws or contain inappropriate content, please inform us of this.