Misuse of a Deutsche Bundesbank telephone number

At present, calls are being made for fraudulent purposes, in which a telephone number belonging to the Bundesbank is falsely displayed on the recipient’s phone.

These phone calls do not originate from the Bundesbank. Instead, they are attempts to trick the recipient into transferring money or divulging personal and/or financial information via phone calls that appear to come from an official source. 

The Bundesbank does not contact individuals to request their personal identification information (authentication media) for bank cards, internet payments, etc. and is neither responsible for authorising payments, nor does it pay out lottery winnings or similar prizes.

The Bundesbank strongly advises you not to respond to such phone calls but instead urges you to report any such phishing attempts immediately to your local police. The Bundesbank shall not accept liability for any losses incurred should recipients divulge their personal identification information or transfer money in response to such calls.