Terms of use for the Deutsche Bundesbank’s password-protected dedicated website “Services for Bundesbank staff”

General information

The following terms stipulate how registered users are to employ the infrastructure of the Deutsche Bundesbank (hereinafter Bank) relating to its password-protected dedicated website “Services for Bundesbank staff”. The dedicated website allows internet access to selected Bank documents that are available to all staff on the Bank’s intranet. Bank staff in or temporarily out of active service and retirees shall therefore be granted access to the dedicated website upon request. They shall not be granted access to the dedicated website for Bundesbank staff if their employment at the Bank ended for any reason other than retirement, notably through resignation, dismissal or termination by mutual consent. 

General security measures

The following security measures are taken for communication between the Bank and users.

  • Use of the mechanisms applied via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and https.
  • Authentication: password allocated by the Bank.

The Bank shall merely verify that the above-mentioned necessary security features are in place.

Users shall bear responsibility for securing their own hardware and software (eg anti-virus and anti-spyware protection)<0. Each user shall be held bindingly accountable for all actions (eg logging-on, changing a password, changing personal user data online) which entail the use of the above-mentioned security features.


Users must fill in the corresponding form on the Bank’s website to register for the dedicated website for Bundesbank staff. Once users have submitted the form, they will receive an automated e-mail reply requesting confirmation of their e-mail address. The Bank’s Human Resources Department does not verify whether users are to be authorised to access the service until this confirmation has been sent. If the application is approved, users receive an automatically generated password; their user ID is their stated e-mail address.

The e-mail address forms part of the registration data and must be unique within our system.

Handling authentication data

Users shall take appropriate organisational and/or technical measures to ensure that the access data are not misused and, in particular, that no unauthorised persons gain knowledge of them.

Should users lose their password or suspect that unauthorised persons have gained knowledge of said password or that the access data have been misused, they must

  •  change their password immediately or
  • have their user ID blocked.

Handling the documents provided

The Bank owns the copyright to the documents on the dedicated website for Bundesbank staff unless another party, such as the European Central Bank, another Eurosystem central bank or a natural person, is identified as the copyright owner.

The permitted use of the documents provided on the dedicated website for Bundesbank staff is restricted to the forms of use permitted for documents which employees in active service can access via the Bank’s intranet.


The dedicated website for Bundesbank staff is an additional service on the Bank’s website which is provided on a purely voluntary basis to allow staff who have left active service temporarily and retirees easier access to Bank documents that are relevant for them.

Internet availability

The Bank cannot guarantee internet availability.


The Bank can block user IDs at any time. It shall block a user ID with immediate effect if there is a material reason to do so, eg a reasonable suspicion of misuse, or use of a user ID to spy on systems or to prepare or carry out attacks on the communications infrastructure.

Data protection

The personal data recorded by staff during registration are saved for user identification purposes only. These data will be forwarded to third parties only where this is required by law.

Infringements of the Terms of use

Employees are obligated to the Bank to comply with these Terms of use. Any infringement, notably the publication or dissemination of copyrighted material, may lead to prosecution and to disciplinary action or labour law sanctions under the staff member’s contract of employment.

Amendments or revisions to the Terms of use

The Bank may, at any time, partly amend or fully revise the Terms of use for this service, which is provided on a voluntary basis. In such instances, employees who use the dedicated website for Bundesbank staff shall be informed of the amendments or revisions to the Terms of use via an automated procedure. Users who refuse their consent to the amended or revised Terms of use shall have their access to the dedicated website for Bundesbank staff terminated.