Warning from the Deutsche Bundesbank

There continue to be frequent attempts by unauthorised individuals to obtain bank account or credit card data, PINs or other access data by contacting people through fraudulent e-mails, letters or phone calls in which they misuse the Deutsche Bundesbank’s name and/or logo or claim to be Bundesbank employees. They often promise pay-outs of large sums of money, such as inheritance, prize money, etc.

As a general rule, the Deutsche Bundesbank does not send e-mails to individuals with payment requests, demands for bank account data or with information about inheritance, prize money, etc. Deutsche Bundesbank staff do not call people by telephone to discuss these matters either.

These official-looking attempts to establish contact are not from the Deutsche Bundesbank, but in fact suggest cases of attempted fraud. So-called phishing is intended to trick the recipient into disclosing personal and financial information. Such e-mails should be deleted immediately. Under no circumstances should any attached files be downloaded or opened.

The Deutsche Bundesbank strongly advises you not to respond to phishing e-mails or letters. You are advised to report these indications of phishing attempts immediately to the local law enforcement authorities.

Concerning the fraudulent phone calls, there have been past cases where callers claiming to be Bundesbank staff have promised prize money upon payment of a processing fee. The Bundesbank does not generally award prize money of any kind, nor does it contact people regarding these matters.

No liability for losses

As a general rule, the Bundesbank does not contact individuals to request their personal identification information (authentication media) for bank cards, internet payments or any other payment method. If you receive requests for this information containing the name, logo or address of the Deutsche Bundesbank, you should assume that they have been sent by unauthorised third parties or are attempts at fraud. The Deutsche Bundesbank does not accept liability for any losses incurred as a result of recipients revealing their personal identification information by responding to such phishing attacks.

Please make absolutely sure that you only disclose your personal identification information to authorised individuals via official channels of communication, as agreed with your credit institution, credit card company, etc.