Jochen Mankart

Research Interests

  • Quantitative macroeconomics and incomplete markets
  • Banking and regulation
  • Labor market search and unemployment

Refereed Publications

  • Mankart, J. (2020), Comments on "Rising Bank Concentration", Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Vol 115, 103878.

  • Mankart, J., A. Michaelides and S. Pagratis (2020), Bank Capital Buffers in a Dynamic Model, Financial Management, Vol 49(2), pp. 473-502.

  • Mankart, J. and R. Oikonomou (2017), Household Search and the Aggregate Labor Market, Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 84(4), pp. 1735-1788.

  • Mankart, J. and R. Oikonomou (2016), The Rise of the Added Worker Effect, Economics Letters, Vol. 143, 48-51.
  • Mankart, J. and G. Rodano (2015), Personal Bankruptcy Law, Debt Portfolios, and Entrepreneurship, Journal of Monetary Economics, Vol. 76, 157-172.
  • Mankart, J. (2014), The (Un-) importance of Chapter 7 wealth exemption levels, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Vol. 38, 1-16.

Other Working Papers and Publications

  • Mankart, J., A. Michaelides and S. Pagratis (2014), A dynamic model of banking with uninsurable risk and regulatory constraints, CEPR Discussion Paper, No. 10299.


  • 2019: Barcelona GSE Summer Forum; Household Expectations Conference, Frankfurt; University of Hohenheim; University of Louvain
  • 2018: Banque De France; EEA Cologne; ESEM Cologne
  • 2017: University of Zurich; Uiversity of Louvain; European Finance Association, Mannheim; Conference Danish Central Bank, Copenhagen.
  • 2016: NBER Summer Institute, Boston.
  • 2015: Economteric Society World Congress, Montreal; ECSB Day Ahead Conference, Vienna; Bundesbank-CFS-ECB Workshop on Macro and Finance, Frankfurt
  • 2014: University College London; Center for Macroeconomic Research, Cologne; University of Constance; 2nd Macro Banking and Finance Workshop, Rome; European Economic Association, Toulouse; Swiss Society of Economics and Statstics, Bern; European Research Group, Lyon; Workshop in Quantitative Macro, Mannheim.
  • 2013: Austrian central Bank, Vienna; European Economic Association, Gothenburg; Canadian Economic Association, Montreal.
  • 2012: Verein für Socialpolitik, Göttingen; University of Cyprus, Nicosia.
  • 2011: Verein für Socialpolitik, Frankfurt; Humboldt University, Berlin; Royal Economic Society, London.
  • 2010: Verein für Socialpolitik, Kiel; Free University Berlin, Berlin; Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna.
  • 2009: Queen Mary University, London; European Economic Association, Milan; Computation in Economics and Finance, Paris; NBER Summer Institute, Cambridge; Heterogeneous Agent Models Workshop, Mannheim; Computational Economics Workshop, Zurich; Young European Macroeconomists, Mannheim.

Discussion Papers