Bundesbank branches open on Saturday

As a precautionary measure against possible cash supply shortages as a result of the difficulties of the cash-in-transit company Heros, the Bundesbank, at the request of banking and commercial associations, will open its branches between 8.00 am and 1.00 pm on Saturday, 25 February 2006. In taking this measure, the Bundesbank will help to alleviate any difficulties which may arise in supplying cash to the wholesale and retail trade, the banks and cash-in-transport companies.

Since the beginning of this week the Bundesbank has been extending the opening hours of its branches in line with local requirements – if necessary, until 8.30 pm. (The usual opening hours – with some regional variations – are from 7.00 am until 5.30 pm). This facility was used to varying degrees on 22 February 2006. More than 40% of all branches were open after 5.30 pm.