Bundesbank optimises its website for mobile devices

Effective immediately, the Deutsche Bundesbank is offering an optimised version of its website for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The Bundesbank has adapted its website to respond to different screen sizes, providing tablet and smartphone users with quicker access to current topics and content. The desktop view, on the other hand, is unchanged. 

One new feature of the optimised mobile view of the website is the quick access bar taking visitors to the main navigation menu. The navigation menu is not immediately visible in the mobile version, but has to be called up by clicking on the navigation menu icon, which looks like those used in mobile applications. 

The users of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones can access the website at the usual address: www.bundesbank.de. Should they wish, users can switch to the desktop version of the website at any time. 

In addition to optimising its website for mobile devices, the Bundesbank has adapted the main navigation menu of its website. The navigation item "Core business areas" has been renamed "Tasks" – this is where the Bundesbank’s key tasks are explained. Under the "Topics" heading, visitors to the website will, from now on, find editorial articles on current topics or the Bundesbank’s position on, for instance, "Banks and financial market" or "Inflation and economic activity". In the past, content of this kind was available under the "Bundesbank" heading and then "Views and insights" or by clicking on "Press" and then "Current issues".