Bundesbank’s website wins a silver BIENE Award for 2005 E-Government / E-Democracy category

A total of 16 websites have been presented with a BIENE award by the campaign Aktion Mensch and the foundation Stiftung Digitale Chancen in the final of their barrier-free internet competition (BIENE [= bee] stands for “Barrierefreies Internet eröffnet neue Einsichten” [= Barrier-free internet opening up new insights]).

The Bundesbank’s website is the only award-winner among the German Federal public authorities [1], receiving a silver BIENE in the “E-Government / E-Democracy” category. Four participants were awarded a gold BIENE and seven participants received a bronze BIENE.

The awards were preceded by extensive testing of the more than 320 websites submitted for the BIENE awards. The final decision was taken by a jury consisting of prominent members of the media and opinion formers.

Information (in German) on barrier-freedom and the BIENE awards may be found at the website of the BIENE award as well as at the press portal of Aktion Mensch.


1. In accordance with the terms of the Barrier-free Information Technology Regulation (BITV), the public sector Federal authorities in Germany are required to make their websites barrier-free by 31 December 2005.