Distribution of responsibilities within the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank

At today’s meeting, the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank decided on the following allocation of responsibilities, which will take effect immediately.

President Weidmann will take over the Legal Department and hand over responsibility for the Audit Department to Vice-President Lautenschläger, who will also be responsible for Banking and Financial Supervision. The responsibilities of the other members of the Executive Board will remain unchanged.

President Dr Jens Weidmann

  • Communications
  • Legal
  • Economics
  • Research Centre

Vice-President Sabine Lautenschläger

  • Banking and Financial Supervision
  • Audit

Dr hc Rudolf Böhmler

  • Controlling, Accounting and Organisation
  • Human Resources
  • Administration and Premises
  • Training Centre

Dr Andreas Dombret

  • Financial Stability
  • Statistics
  • Risk Controlling

Dr Joachim Nagel

  • Information Technology
  • Markets

Carl-Ludwig Thiele

  • Cash Management
  • Payments and Settlement Systems