Money Museum’s website now accessible

Following the example of the Bundesbank’s website, the Money Museum has now made its internet site accessible. The changes will also make it possible for persons with disabilities to access the Money Museum’s internet site, in compliance with the Barrier-free Information Technology Regulation (BITV).

As a result of the restructuring, all visitors to the Money Museum’s website can now benefit from its improved clarity and readability, the new layout and the clear navigation structures. You can set out on your fact-finding tour from the homepage of the Bundesbank or you can go straight to the Money Museum’s website ("external links"). There you will find out more about the content, background and the present features of the Money Museum.

If you have any suggestions for improvements to the barrier-free website of the Bundesbank’s Money Museum or have any questions about it, please e-mail or telephone a member of the Internet Coordination Office on 0049 69 9566 2831.