User management

The ExtraNet is the Deutsche Bundesbank’s e-business-platform. Each counterparty wishing to use MACCs must first register users with the relevant roles in ExtraNet. The link provided at the bottom of the page can be used for this purpose. The application form, once signed with a legally binding signature, can be submitted as an original document by post or scanned and sent as a PDF file via email to

As a general rule, the initial registration of a future MACCs user must be made using the link below. However, this initial registration is not required if the user is already registered for the IT applications OMTOS, BBS, EBS or CAP in ExtraNet. In these cases, a secondary registration is possible via the link below. 

Please note that the Special Terms and Conditions for submitting credit claims as collateral (MACCs Terms and Conditions) expressly prohibit the changing of the first and last names of a user to transfer a user ID, even though this is technically possible in ExtraNet and the procedure is also described in the ExtraNet terms and conditions. The same applies to the use of a functional user, which can technically be set up in ExtraNet.