CA for Email-Security 2020

The certificate is signed with the SHA-256 algorithm by the Bundesbank Root CA 2015 II and is valid for six years. The CA key of the CA certificate is 4096 bits in length and was generated using the RSA algorithm by the Bundesbank Root CA 2015 II. The certificate standard is based on the X.509v3-1996 format. The time format UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) is used.

The certificate only enables the CA key to be used to sign certificates and CRLs. In order to positively identify the Bundesbank CA for Email-Security 2020, the following name (X.500 Distinguished Names) is used.

Zertifikat Pop-up



CA for Email-Security 2020


‎24 8b b2 d8 ca 89 6e a3 5b 5c 07 ae de cc e6 47 47 ee b5 74