University of Applied Sciences in Hachenburg

Virtual conference: Eighth Supervisory Symposium Proper management of non-financial risks – a key factor in the success of financial services providers

In the wake of the financial crisis, the focus was initially on managing financial risks, as they had a direct impact on financial services providers. For some years now, attention has also been increasingly shifting towards non-financial risks, which include, in particular, strategic and operational risks as well as reputational and compliance risks.

The consistent management of non-financial risks offers financial services providers a number of opportunities, as it enables them to make decisions more transparently and comprehensibly and to tackle issues more efficiently.

How can a financial services provider effectively and sustainably protect itself against cyberattacks? How can a credible risk culture be established? How can data quality be improved in order to identify potential risks more effectively? And how can the potential economic damage of non-financial risks be assessed?

These questions are the focus of the Eighth Supervisory Symposium. In addition, there will be a break-out session on the coronavirus crisis. The discussion will serve as a starting point for further considerations on how to deal with systemic risks in order to identify and manage them in good time in the future.

Live broadcast on 02 October 2020 from 10:00 - 12:00

in German only