International Cash Conference 2017 War on Cash: Is there a Future for Cash?

The Deutsche Bundesbank hosted the third International Cash Conference entitled "War on cash: Is there a future for cash?" from 25 to 27 April 2017 on the Island of Mainau. The conference aimed to improve an understanding of the economics underlying cash payments, based on recent academic research in general and, more specifically, to help identify possible developments and dynamics that will shape the cash payments landscape in the years ahead.

Adopting the concept of the previous Cash Conferences in 2012 and 2014, experts from academia, public authorities (including central banks), special interest groups and the private sector were invited to exchange views on cash-related subjects. Lectures on "Cash demand (components and motives)", "Survey-based studies on payment behaviour (cash/non-cash)" as well as "Restrictions on cash payments/War on cash" were presented by renowned researchers. Furthermore, we were privileged to welcome Professor Friedrich Schneider and Peter Sands as keynote speakers. The Oesterreichische Nationalbank attended this conference as our guest of honour.

The conference language was English; all papers and publications are available in English only.