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Designing climate policies Series of events by the Deutsche Bundesbank, the Center for Liberal Modernity and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

The ecological transformation of the social market economy is currently attracting intense debate in Germany. The implementation of the European Green Deal or the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow will have a major bearing on developments in this area. Climate policy faces twin challenges: on the one hand, the matter of national ownership; on the other, international coordination and a commitment to honouring agreements.

Various actors play a role in addressing climate change: government institutions, the corporate sector, households and international bodies. These debates are focusing more and more attention on the role played by central banks, whose core mandates – which are to safeguard price and financial stability – are potentially directly exposed to climate risks.

The debate surrounding the ecological transformation of industrial society needs to be embedded in a regulatory framework. The idea behind this series of events is to promote dialogue among policymakers, civil society, companies, public institutions and academia on a regulatory framework of that kind.