Customer classification

Subject matter and purpose

The customer classification is made available to institutions subject to reporting requirements which have to classify economic agents by sector for Bundesbank statistics. For this purpose a sectoral breakdown with explanations is published in the Special Statistical Publication 2 which corresponds to the classification used in the "European System of Accounts (ESA 95)". Special Statistical Publication 2 also contains a classification of the economy by sector and economic activity, the structure of which follows the Federal Statistical Office’s "Classification of Economic Activities (WZ 2008)" which, in turn, is based on the "Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community (NACE Rev. 2)".

Company registers

In order to make it easier for reporting institutions to classify large and cross-sector enterprises, updated sectoral information is made available by public limited companies (share capital of €2.5 million or more) and private limited companies (share capital of €5 million or more) at the end of each quarter. The company registers can be downloaded from this page.