Financial vehicle corporation (FVC) statistics

Content of the report

FVCs' end-of-quarter asset and liability positions in the form of a balance sheet with a supplementary breakdown of the balance sheet items by type, maturity and sector of the counterparts.

Parties required to report

Domestic FVCs

List of FVCs

Since February 2010, the ECB has published a list of FVCs on its website. This list is updated on a quarterly basis.

Reporting the take-up of business by an FVC

Pursuant to the Bundesbank instruction (Bundesbank notice 8003/2014, point 5), FVCs domiciled in Germany must report their existence to the Bundesbank within one week of taking up business.

No special form is required for this.

Reporting formats

  • Reporting template in Excel format
  • XML schema for creating a report

Methods of submitting reports

  • via Extranet

Reporting deadline

Reports have to be submitted by close of business on the tenth business day after the end of each calendar quarter.

Data available

You can find data on the assets and liabilities of FVCs in Germany under "Downloads".